Thomas Forging

Blacksmithing is when metal is heated in a forge and hammered into shape. Most commonly forged metals are steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.

Thomas takes great pride in taking the time to get his forging projects just right. He works closely with his clients to achieve the exact design they have in mind. This gallery shows Thomas working on:

Finial ends and curtain rods for Softly Furnished to accessorise custom made Italian linen curtains

Progress photos of our new office front door which features a wrapping steel handle and steel frame. The project will be completed with glass and timber inlay in the near future.

You are welcome to inspect our office door at our workshop by appointment.

Boulangère traditional French-style bookshelf with hand forged wheat detail. Rusty finish and clear coated (France)

Handcrafted contemporary wrapped steel balustrade and handrail to create a vine effect (New Zealand)

Hollywood blockbuster movie set props hand forged wall candle torch (Gold Coast)