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Candle Maintenance

Your candle has been hand poured by us using a unique blend of eco-friendly soy wax and lavender essential oils from Mt Blanc, France. 

The wick is made from both wood and cotton. The wood makes a subtle crackling sound while the cotton gives consistent ignition.

For many hours of use, please ensure you follow these instructions

  1. Leave both wicks at 1cm in length at all times
  2. A long BBQ-style lighter is recommended especially when the wax level runs low.
  3. When lighting, spend a few extra seconds melting a little of the surrounding wax as this will ignite the flame properly
  4. Never leave candle unattended
  5. Snuff out flame with your breath. Do not crush the wick – it will break the wooden part. Do not use the lid to extinguish – it will melt the lid.
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